LithuaniaAbout Validation in Lithuania

This page contains information about European Patent Validation in Lithuania, including the local regulations, and filing requirements.

  • London Agreement

    Lithuania is a London Agreement country, but does not share an official language with the EPO.

    For this reason, Lithuania is permitted to elect one of the three official languages of the EPO into which the patent Description must be translated, and to require the Claims to be translated into an accepted language.

    Lithuania, however, has elected to remove the requirement of the Description to be translated, and instead requires only the Claims to be translated into Lithuanian.

  • Power of Attorney

    Prior To Validation?
    Copy / Original?
    General PoA?

    A Power of Attorney must be filed in favour of a locally appointed professional representative. This can be a specific or a general authorisation, the latter being recommended as it simplifies the procedure for future validations by the same applicant.

  • Translations

    The following translations are required:

  • Filing Deadline

    The validation must be filed within three months following the European Grant Date.

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