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The incredible team of people at IP Centrum get up every day, and do something extraordinary. Something that matters. Join us.

Our People

Our people are creative, tenacious and brilliant. We all love what we do, each other and the amazing people we serve. Our core principles are founded in being honest, compassionate and fair. With our customers, our suppliers and with each other.

Our Environment

Our offices are modern, stylish and beautiful, with designer furniture and great facilities. The perfect environment to do the best work of your life. There's an Italian espresso machine, massage chair, break-out rooms and even the occasional free hair salon on-site. We provide a gorgeous selection of free healthy chef-cooked lunches every day, fresh fruit 24/7 and all the Evian you can drink.

Our Work

We don't just provide IP Formalities services. We get up every day and work to improve the lives of everyone we serve.

There is nothing wrong with just having a job. Most people do that. But ours is not a company of people doing their job. We're a family of people who want to change things. To do something special with our life's work. Something that matters.

Our Technology

You can't support a world-class operation without state-of-the-art technology. All of our software and systems are built 100% from the ground up, in-house by our resident team of super-geeks.

We care about this, deeply. Our technology helps us do what we do faster, more accurately, and repeatably; and it allows our clients instant live access to everything important to them.

Would you like to join us?

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