Renewals will never
be the same again.

Once in a while, something comes along and changes everything.

The changes can appear subtle at first, and are recognised only by the keenest eyes.

Gradually what those few saw is felt by everyone; what was once a change becomes the norm;
and those who embraced it have helped to change the world.

We proudly present to you, the future of renewals.

There's something very special happening at IP Centrum. The substantial changes this new service will make to the way renewals are instructed and processed are original, modern and groundbreaking. Download the article

Art and engineering
in perfect harmony

IP Centrum's Renewals service is centred around its state-of-the-art, secure online command system.

A world-class user experience awaits you; every interaction and every detail carefully crafted for ease-of-use, clarity and to provide an enjoyable experience.

Handling renewals is complicated and critical, with no margin for error. IP Centrum's systems are based on our proprietary, next-generation technology, precision-engineered for total reliability and faithful dependability.

Renewals Dashboard

Extraordinary power and effortless control

Instruct renewals in a whole new way. Pay as soon as possible? Or schedule for payment just before the price goes up? Effortless, sophisticated instruction controls are at your fingertips.

Concerned about currency fluctuations? No problem, we'll freeze the price for you, and you choose for how long.

Our powerful, fire-and-forget renewal Instruction Mode and advanced AutoRenew controls allow you to schedule instructions in multiple ways:

  • As Soon As Possible

    The renewal will be scheduled for instruction as soon as it is officially able to be paid.

  • Before Price Increase

    Why pay on the "due date" if there is a grace period with no surcharge? The instruction will be scheduled a safe time prior to official surcharges or, for example, annual price increases - and your account won't be debited until then!

  • Before Critical Deadline

    We'll instruct as late as is safe to do so before the critical deadline.

Renewal Visualiser

Total situational awareness

IP Centrum's ground-breaking Renewal Visualiser puts everything you care about in one place.

When will official surcharges apply, and how much will they be? All of the deadlines, price-breaks and currency trends for any specific renewal are accurately and efficiently presented to you in a single view, live and in real-time.

Renewal Visualiser

Deadline Visualiser

No need to trawl through that deadline report. Cutting-edge technology using our advanced Law Engine delivers a live overview of approaching official deadlines and surcharges, all in one place.

You have complete peace of mind that your portfolio is under control, and an ideal starting point to investigate renewals you haven't yet instructed.

Deadline Visualiser

Easy, flexible billing

Renewing with IP Centrum means you're billed by a single provider.

Choose the currency you wish to be billed in: USD, EUR or GBP.

Billing in USD, EUR or GBP

Total fee transparency

You told us hidden charges are a big deal. We listened, and IP Centrum's ClearPrice breakdowns provide industry-redefining fee transparency.

Total Price Transparency

Flexible, personalised reminders

Everyone works differently. If you want an email reminder 12 weeks before any of your cases have a price increase, and a text message to your mobile phone two days before the critical deadline, they're available to you at the click of a button.

Renewal Reminders

Sophisticated case
registration tools

Adding your cases is fast. You answer only the questions that are absolutely necessary for each case. Or send us a file and we'll do the hard work for you.

Your key data will be carefully checked using our unique, state-of-the-art verification processes and any anomalies reported.

Case Registration

Power of Attorneys made easy

IP Centrum's SmartPoAs® are pre-completed and delivered immediately. Machine-readable QR codes in the top-right corner mean, once signed, simply drag and drop them into the SmartPoA® Uploader, and they will be automatically allocated to your cases for you.
You can even scan the PoA with your smart phone to see live deadlines and tracking information.

Introducing Tagging:
Organise in your way

We understand that you know your job far better than we do. So we haven't just limited you to searching and organising your cases how we think best.

Powerful and infinitely flexible Tagging allows you to tag cases with anything and any number of tags you like. Create a tag for each client or department, and instruct them as a group? Maybe you want to progress some renewals before price increase, and others before the critical deadline? Working in a large team? Create a tag for each staff member and search only for the cases you're dealing with.

The power is in your hands.

API Integration

Full API system integration

We can work with your IT department to fully integrate with your case management system using the latest technology and practices.

Instruct directly from your case management system if you prefer. Or just keep your records automatically up to date when you instruct through IP Centrum.

Seamlessly link our data with yours, automatically transferring proof documents, PoAs and statuses.

“We build services for brilliant IP Formalities Professionals....

Those who chose their career to do something special. Something that matters.

IP Formalities isn't for everyone. It takes great passion and absolute diligence. We get that, and we go to work every day to give great Formalities people the tools and services they deserve.

I'm very proud of this service, and of our incredible team. It will improve the working lives of so many tirelessly hard-working Formalities professionals, and we're extremely excited to be able to share it with the IP world.”

Simon de Banke CEO of IP Centrum
Renewals Reinvented
There's something very special happening at IP Centrum. The substantial changes this new service will make to the way renewals are instructed and processed are original, modern and groundbreaking. Download the article

You're registered!

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We will be in touch with you shortly and very much look forward to welcoming to the future of renewals.

In the mean time, please feel free to contact us at and we will be delighted to hear from you.

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