We are the European Patent Validation service.

IP Centrum is the market-leading provider of Single-Instruction European Patent Validation - especially designed for IP Formalities people.

What we do

At IP Centrum we provide a Single-Instruction European Patent Validation service.

Our network of national agents covers all EPO member, extension and validation states and is centrally managed which means you place one instruction, deal with one contact and pay one invoice. You enjoy all the benefits of national local expertise and specialist translation while we greatly reduce the administrative burden.

IP Centrum is independent and therefore not associated with any IP firm. We can operate as your personal secret weapon, invisibly in the background, or we can partner with you to help you secure new clients, and our flexibility means you can work with us on a single patent, a single country, or your entire portfolio.

EP Validation, improved

Control Centre team

Our specialist team are constantly monitoring and expertly progressing your cases, available to you by phone, or email whenever you need us, and our secure, 24 hour online progress tracking and management system keeps you and your team informed at all stages - up to the minute, live.

We handle many thousands of validations each year so you also benefit from lower prices through our buying power, as well as reduced risk through our rigorous processes.

Instead of three to nine months, we typically translate and file a European Patent Validation family within two weeks, which means you can bill your client faster, and move the case off your desk in record time.

Control Centre Team

Why use IP Centrum for EP Validation?

  • Save Time

    Click one button, make one phone call, or send one email. We'll take care of the rest, keeping you informed at every stage, while you retain control.

  • Save Money

    We flex our buying power, and pass the savings on to you. Dealing with many thousands of validations each year, also allows us to hone our procedures to perfection.

  • Info & Assistance

    Available any time, day or night, our state-of-the-art online systems allow you to see real-time updates on your cases. Prefer to speak to someone? No problem, we're available.

  • Security

    Our advanced online security systems mean that your data is protected. We understand the importance of your sensitive information.

  • You Are In Control

    We just want to make life easier for you, and save you money. Use us to validate in one country, or all. Provide translations, or we'll take care of them. Start / Stop using us as you wish.

  • We're Invisible

    Some of the largest and most respected IP firms in the world already use IP Centrum. We understand some clients want to advertise our involvement and why some rather would keep it confidential. The choice is yours.

1 instruction,
45 states

With a single instruction to IP Centrum, you have access to all EPO member, extension and validation states.

You can use IP Centrum for one country, a selection, or all of them. There is no restriction, and you retain complete flexibility.

Get a quote in minutes!

Our quotes are accurate, fast and easy. Just enter your EP number and email address, and we'll take care of the rest.

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